Custom Coloring Books

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul.”

These words by Wassily Kandinsky, are what inspired us and got us started on a journey that has only grown more delightful with every passing year.

A journey marked in hues of vibrant colors and kaleidoscopic memories, motivating us to make lives more meaningful through hints and tints and shades.

Coloring Book Warehouse began in 2006 and has expanded to offer close to 200 educational coloring and activity books for children on a wide variety of topics. We also offer an expansive range of coloring books and puzzle books for adults. Our coloring books are a medley of detailed, intricate, and engaging patterns and designs that aim to relieve stress, relax the mind, and calm the soul.

Art Inspired

We believe in the power of creativity in putting valuable messages across – from brand communication to children and adult-focused themes. Our process involves understanding the needs and context of our customers and combining passion and imagination to come up with engaging images and messages.

We make every page flow and come alive with informative and fun content for maximum impact.

Age-Appropriate Content

Our customers are mainly businesses with a need to build their brand by amplifying their message, engaging their market, or contributing to empowering society with valuable information.

We help educate children by teaching them about child safety lessons, calling 911 for help, grooming and hygiene, nutritious foods, caring for the environment, travel, adventure, and more. Essential skills and knowledge that add value to daily life.

We also help enhance their academic skills through various subjects like math, science, and history that activate their minds and teach concepts they can easily grasp and enjoy learning.

For adults and seniors, we offer word search, crossword, Sudoku, and coloring books to help them stay mentally agile and creative. Our coloring books come in various themes that cater to different individual needs like relaxation (ZenDoodle for relaxation, Color Meditations, Nature, etc.), positive outlook and wellbeing (Driven to Dream, Hues of Happiness, and more), and health consciousness (Breast Cancer Awareness).

We believe in the amazing power of color and mental exercises to help retain one’s vigor and passion for life. Our books are meant to add more fun to adults’ and seniors’ daily lives by giving them projects they can look forward to starting and finishing. As they exercise their mind, they gain a good sense of fulfillment and confidence with every stroke of color or a puzzle solved.

Imprint and Impact For Your Brand

For corporate clients, we offer customized titles branded with your company logo that make perfect giveaways. We also have a special division that works with clients on developing and printing their own designs. Our range of products also include Growth Charts, Child ID Kits, Paint with Water Books, Sticker Books, and Story Books that help children learn valuable knowledge and practical skills.

Pages With Purpose

While technology-driven gadgets, digital media, and apps contribute to engaging people and creating impact, excessive screen time can harm people’s physical and psychological wellness. We advocate love for books and book-based activities to promote fun learning for individuals of all ages. Minds, throughout history, have been shaped by the print medium that has utilized the power of images and words to teach and influence.

If you’re looking for an effective way to put your idea or brand message across, talk to us and let’s make an impact on your audience, one book at a time.
Coloring Book Warehouse - Making the world a colorful place, one page at a time.